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Sheldon Mitchell Designs specializes in website design custom tailored to the small business owner. We combine our design, marketing, technical and customer service skills to provide you with a site that not only looks great but gets results. Each website design is custom made to suit your business needs and priced based on content and complexity. We will meet or beat any local advertised price for the same requested content and design.

With your design you will receive:

  • Strategic Design to Streamline With Your Business Branding
  • Local Face to Face Contact with Designer
  • Free Consultations
  • Digital Photography & Copy
  • Search Engine Optimization and More!

How long does a design take?

Please note: Sheldon Mitchell Designs has many simultaneous projects on the go, so having work done “right now” isn’t always possible. Here are some notes about this:

  • Website Design – a 7-10 page website from start to finish, often takes 1 – 2 months. Why? Clients usually start out eager, but it takes time to come up with the design concept, communicating back and forth and modifying, etc.  Also if Sheldon Mitchell Designs also requires text, images, and other content from clients, which takes time to gather. So the timeline is mutually created.
  • Best to give lead time – if work needs to be done within a “tight” timeline, please advise us prior if possible.
  • Ways to save time – before meeting with us, or while you are waiting for a step in the design, here are some ways to save time:
    • Look for sample designs that you like or like certain elements of. We can use these ideas and information for insight into your design style and for inspiration.
    • What is your intention? Think about the overall impression and the elements you want to include on your design.
    • Determine the number of pages on your website design – this is important in estimating the time and cost. Home, About Us, Contact, etc.
    • Write the content – Sheldon Mitchell Designs can assist you with this, but you know your business best and this saves time and money.
We constantly explore new technologies and techniques that will allow us to offer various website design packages to make your design process convenient.
To get a free quote on your website design contact (416) 906-3579 or email: