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Video Production

Video Porduction

Video Production Services

The Sheldon Mitchell Designs team can collaborate with you to design and produce effective digital media projects ranging from simple presentations to high-definition, broadcast-quality, multi-camera productions. Our video production expertise will enable you to communicate your story clearly and with style.

Video Production:

  • Concept development
  • Script writing
  • Project management, planning, and budgeting
  • Video and audio recording and editing
  • Custom lighting
  • Design and motion graphics
  • Green screen
  • Package design
  • Studio and sound facilities

Why Video Production?

The answer is actually very simple.  Not only is it a piece of art, but a timeless memento that will be cherished forever.  We dedicate countless hours on any given order to satisfy your needs.  Our endless efforts to make your product a master piece is our integrity and responsibility.

We break down the options for you and assist you with any budget demands. We listen and focus on your ideas that help stimulate our creative thinking process.  Once all brainstorming is complete we commence on your video production.  The fact we listen to your criteria first is a result of our client care mandate.

Any video production or marketing companies worth your time and money must give you results that come from multi-faceted internet marketing strategies and video production knowledge. Website or online video production is an essential component of your Internet Presence and online marketing strategies that we will discuss with you.

To book your video production project contact (416) 906-3579 or email:

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