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Sheldon Mitchell Biography

Sheldon Mitchell has studied Graphic Design and English literature at George Brown College and has spent over 15+ years studying Theater Production, Video Production and the Performing Arts. His most recent accomplishments are graduating from an accredited Business & Marketing program and establishing his own graphic design, photography and production companies: Sheldon Mitchell Designs, Get Pic’D and Get Skit’D?!

“I have received professional training in the areas of graphic design, photography and video production. For over the past 15 years I have been working in the graphic design industry both as a designer and a project manager.”

“I have interacted with various business owners and discovered that there was a great need for the services that I offered. I have established contacts and alliances within the graphics industry that I will utilize to create business for myself and members of the community.”

Summary of Skills:

  • Completed graphic design training at George Brown College and Durham College
  • Professional experience with Personal Computers and Macintosh computer operating systems
  • Computer software skills: Microsoft Office, Adobe Illustrator, Quark Xpress, InDesign, Word Perfect Adobe Photoshop, Flash / HTML Web Design and QuickBooks Spreadsheets
  • A results- oriented and technical individual with professional training in Graphic Design, Business Administration, Project Management, Print Production and Customer Service.
  • Strong project management, leadership and organization skills
  • Actively participates in community development to create ideas among community members to improve community relations
  • Specialized training in Illustration / Photography / Story Boarding / Theatre Production / Concept Design

Sheldon Mitchell has over 15+ years experience co-producing theatrical productions, independent films and various other community projects and initiatives. Sheldon Mitchell will continue to make dreams a visual reality.

To reach Sheldon Mitchell contact (416) 906-3579 or email: