Sheldon Mitchell Designs


What sets Sheldon Mitchell Designs photography images apart? What do the most successful photos do to make their image stand out? Often the difference between good photos and great photos that captivates and prompts exploration is a good showcase.

The goal of a photography portfolio site is to make photos shine, but the best photos do this while subtly expressing a style. A good photograph supports the images without overpowering or trying to outshine them. It can be simple and clean, or styled and characterized, but the important thing is that the personality of the photographer and the photos shine through.

Photo Restoration

If you have photos that are faded, torn, stained or scratched, Sheldon Mitchell Designs can restore them for you. First we scan them and convert them into digital form. Then we perform whatever adjustments are required to restore your photograph to look just like new or better. You can choose to get your restored digital photographs re-printed in hardcopy matte or glossy format to the size you specify.  Restored digital photos can be delivered on CD, via ftp or by e-mail.  For a series of restored digital photos, consider a digital photo album on DVD that you can watch with friends and family.

Professional Photo Editing

We edit photos used in commercial productions from corporate video to advertisements. From creating 3D models of objects clipped from a photo to applying materials, textures, effects, lighting and an extensive range of advanced photo editing techniques, we can manipulate your images to create the graphics you require for your commercial endeavours.