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Graphic Design Services

At Sheldon Mitchell Designs we provide a wide range of graphic design services. You can take advantage of the graphic design services we offer at with custom solutions and quick turnaround times to fit your budget and busy schedule. Sheldon Mitchell Designs will work closely with you and your company to deliver your designs in a timely manner.

You may be seeking the perfect design solution for your business card, brochure, CD cover, product packaging or other printed press item that will represent your organization in the most effective method and create a lasting positive impact with your clients and prospects. Whether you are looking for a custom design solution or simply in need of a professional to work with your organization’s approved printing firm, from design concept to final printed material, can provide you with all of your graphic design requirements. In accordance with the mandate of Sheldon Mitchell Designs, the design’s digital files can be delivered to you or forwarded to an approved printing firm in a time sensitive manner in respect to your expectations.

Logo Design

One of the first things to do with a new business (or any business that needs a marketing boost) is creating an eye-catching and memorable logo design. Our professional graphic design team has the talent, creativity and expertise in logo design that will assure you get a logo that is distinctive and conveys the meaning of the business. We are there through the entire process of logo design including research, conceptualizing, reflection, revisions, presentation and delivery.

Poster & Flyer Design

Whether you need flyers, signage, posters or banners, we have the latest digital design and sign-making technology to get the job done. Our state-of-the art equipment is manned by skilled operators who are used to working on tight deadlines and budgets. That means sign affordability for even the smallest organizations. For one-time use or durable, long-lasting materials, contact Sheldon Mitchell Designs today for all of your flyer, signage, poster and banner needs.

Business Stationary Design

There are numerous factors involved in Business Stationary design, including creativity, understanding the target audience’s needs, consideration of the types of media to be used, and being able to get the intended message across in all advertising projects.  From the first brainstorming session through putting together a comprehensive ad design package, Sheldon Mitchell Designs performs professionally and timely. We can apply our Business Stationary design services to various types of media, including business cards, brochures, flyers, banners, signs, postcards, promotional products, and more. We take an active interest in the success of your business!

How long does a design take?

Please note: Sheldon Mitchell Designs has many simultaneous projects on the go, so having work done “right now” isn’t always possible. Here are some notes about this:

  • Graphic Design – a logo, flyer, poster, etc. from start to finish, often takes a week to a month. Why? Clients usually start out eager, but it takes time to come up with the design concept, communicating back and forth and modifying, etc.  Also if Sheldon Mitchell Designs also requires text, images, and other content from clients, which takes time to gather. So the timeline is mutually created.
  • Best to give lead time – if work needs to be done within a “tight” timeline, please advise us prior if possible.
  • Ways to save time – before meeting with us, or while you are waiting for a step in the design, here are some ways to save time:
    • Look for sample designs that you like or like certain elements of. We can use these ideas and information for insight into your design style and for inspiration.
    • What is your intention? Think about the overall impression and the elements you want to include on your design.
    • Determine how you will display your design – this is important in estimating the size, shape, stock and file size.
    • Write the content – Sheldon Mitchell Designs can assist you with this, but you know your business best and this saves time and money.

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