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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials of Sheldon Mitchell Designs

Substance and Quality

"I have had the pleasure to work with Sheldon Mitchell on various film and theater productions, as well as acting workshops, since early August 2000. I have collaborated on several theatre/film productions with Sheldon including: “The After Party” (February 2004), “Heads & Tails” (June 2010) and “Respect” (April 2011) just to name a few."

"Sheldon Mitchell was the videographer and director of photography who interviewed and documented the experiences of the facilitators, students and special guests who came in from time to time. Sheldon Mitchell and I share a passion for film and I believe he has the artistic vision and possesses the experience to create and produce stories with substance and quality that will benefit the Canadian film community."

A Personal Touch

"Sheldon did a terrific job of video recording our wedding and reception. He was very detailed in the coverage of the event. Not only did he film the ceremony and reception, but managed to get a lot of the more personal and intimate moments. He consistently covered the entire room and was able to get everyone that attended the event for at least a few moments."

"They ranged from direct conversations about the wedding, to more candid & spontaneous periods. He was well received, calm and courteous, putting many people at ease that were not comfortable with being filmed. His efforts made a fantastic night even more memorable."

"Shannon and I greatly appreciate all the hard work that Sheldon put in that night. We recommend him highly if you want great quality and a personal touch to the video coverage to your event. Thank you Sheldon!"

Ken Smith & Shannon Phillips

Strongly Recommend Sheldon Mitchell Designs

"I have used Sheldon Mitchell Designs over the years for various design projects such as logo design, business cards, flyers, etc. We were always satisfied with his designs and work ethic. We still recommend his services to people within our own network and strongly recommend Sheldon Mitchell Designs services here."

Call Sheldon Mitchell Designs First

"What I like the most about Sheldon is that he always goes the extra mile. I have used Sheldon as my videographer on three separate occasions and when he comes to my events he has all the proper equipment, he takes creative shots from various angles and gives me lots of options to choose from when I'm editing.

I Call Sheldon Mitchell Designs first for my photography and videography projects. He's a true professional, always on time, and he has the quickest turnaround time in the business. He's such a pleasure to work with.

Sheldon Mitchell sell off.

I'm just saying."

Thank you Sheldon Mitchell Designs

"Thank you Sheldon Mitchell Designs. I am very grateful for the quick response! My logos were designed in record time with great communication with the designers. They were accommodating and did a great job with my designs. I highly recommend them for their efficiency and creativity."

"There was no task too difficult for Sheldon Mitchell Designs. From logo design to a complete company brand overhaul, Sheldon and his design team was able to adapt and create a viable finished project. "

Shaun Moore
Conquest Entertainment

Outstanding & Fast!

"Sheldon Mitchell receives my highest recommendation. Using Sheldon Mitchell Designs for my logo development, business materials and promotional needs was the best investment I made. The designs were creative, one-of-a-kind, affordable and completed on time."

"I consistently receive praise and positive feedback from the public on my marketing materials. The designers listened to my needs and delivered. Their design aesthetic really stands out and their work on our company branding and website has been outstanding – and fast. "

G. Gilly
Focus Fresh

A pleasure to work with!

"Sheldon is an exceptionally talented designer and I would highly recommend Sheldon Mitchell Designs. They are a pleasure to work with and has exceeded all of our expectations, from graphic design and photography to execution of print materials."

"We were fortunate to get to know the Sheldon Mitchell Designs team personally and became impressed with their strong character, professional integrity and self confidence."

J. McKenzie
Get Skit'D?!